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You must have both Medicare A & B. A red/white/blue Medicare card will be your proof of enrollment. You must start using the new card January 2020.


When the Part B effective date is activated you have a once in a lifetime Open Enrollment period countdown; meaning you can’t be denied Supplemental coverage…no matter what pre-existing conditions prevail.

Once this six - month period ends you must medically qualify to be covered. Don’t let this date pass you by.

Medicare Supplements also called Medigap plans cover the “gaps” in original Medicare. It’ll pay for the deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance that Original Medicare doesn’t cover.

For example, Original Medicare doesn’t cover the Hospital deductible; which is $1100 (2010)…the Medigap plans pay this deductible every time you enter the hospital.There are always some exceptions to the rule so counsel with a competent agent on these matters. (i.e. The disabled can only enroll in Plan A which doesn’t cover this deductible.)

A Medigap policy has a monthly premium. Some plans require you to cover the annual Medicare Part B deductible ($155 in 2010); then the plan pays 100%.

If you had medical treatment like cancer and the bill was $300,000…you’d only be responsible for the deductible + monthly premiums.

At the Providers office show both cards: Medicare + Supplement. Medigap is definitely an excellent product to protect oneself from medical financial ruin.

ATTENTION: On June 2010 the Modernized Supplement Plans arrived which offer greater co-payments for the consumer in exchange for lower premiums; new plans K, L, M, N will add much diversification.


You’re guaranteed renewable and can never be cancelled; except for non-payment of premiums.

The insurance companies cannot raise your rates on an individual basis; you’re basically in a risk pool of people.

The healthier the risk pool of insured’s the more stable the rates over time.

Some companies are very liberal in underwriting and hence have higher rates. An experienced agent knows the “mentality” of the companies.

Personal opinions:

Medigap plans are the best products on the market.

  • They give you the most freedoms in health care and every Medicare doctor must accept the plans.
  • There is no referral to specialists.
  • There is no “network” of doctors.
  • Billing is electronic so no paper, no mess on your part.
  • When your health fails and the best cardiologist or oncologist is essential…Medigap plans deliver!


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Located in Texas and serving the Greater Houston area and the state of Texas.

"Medicare has neither endorsed nor reviewed this information. It is not connected or affiliated with any United States Government or State agency. Calling this number will direct you to a licensed Agent/Broker."

What our clients are saying

I think he is the greatest insurance man....I have ever had. I wouldn't trade him for anybody. He is very helpful and caring, whenever he talks to you he makes sense. He'll explain it to you from the beginning to the end. He doesn't push anything. He will check it out for you and everything,He helps you with ,any needs including medicines. I feel very comfortable with him....other insurance people were very pushy.Not Mitch. 

Gilbert S. 81 yrs. Houston, TX

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